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Terms and Conditions

Please take a moment to carefully read these terms and conditions. Your use of this service depends on your agreement and adherence to these rules. When you sign up for or use any of our services, you're agreeing to these rules and promising to follow them, no matter how you use the services. Please be aware that we can change these rules without telling you beforehand. In these rules, "you" or "User" means anyone who uses the website and its services.

We have the right to say no to your orders or cancel them if something seems wrong, like if the price is wrong or the description of a product is wrong, or if we see someone not following our rules. We can change the things on the website whenever we want, and all the information we give you is just meant for general use.

The way things look, like the colors or sizes of the products, might be a bit different because of how your computer screen is set up and how we take pictures.


Canceling Orders:


If we think an order looks strange or not right, we can cancel it, even if it's already on its way to you. The price of Silver doesn't stay the same – it can change because of international rules, so our prices might change too.

We really suggest that you read these 'Terms and Conditions' carefully and also read all the other information on the website that we talk about in these rules. If something breaks or gets damaged after you get it and sign for it, we're not responsible, except if it got damaged while it was being sent to you. We can only give you refunds or exchanges for things that were already broken when you got them. Once we send out your order, you can't change your mind unless you tell us by email at Info@SSSKRAFTS.COM or WhatsApp at +918608662862. We'll only give you your money back if you send the order back to us within 7 days, and we might take out some charges for processing payments.


It's a good idea to keep checking these rules to see if anything's different. You have to read and agree to all the rules in this User Agreement.